COTM – Challenge of the Month 2023

Challenge of the Month (COTM). Monthly cyber security challenge. Started in January 2023. Everyone can participate. It’s free.
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Monthly Challenges 2023

January 23

LEVEL: Intermediate
Deciphering Dilemma
Starting in January 2023

February 23

LEVEL: intermediate to advanced
Clean Bash
Starting in February 2023.

March 23

LEVEL: Intermediate
Snail Masquerade
Starting in March 2023.


CTOM is configured in dynamic scoring mode.

Dynamic scoring refers to a system in which the points awarded for successfully solving a challenge are determined in real time, based on the number of teams that have successfully solved the challenge. This means that the fewer teams solve a challenge, the more points are awarded for it. Dynamic scoring can add an element of excitement and competition to a CTF event. It can also help to ensure that the points awarded for each challenge are fair and accurately reflect the difficulty of the challenge.

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Kookarai Pentesting Linux

Kali based Linux virtual machine with Hacking-Lab VPN and additional Hacking-Lab extensions. Read more


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Hacking-Lab Cyber Range

Cyber Range

The Hacking-Lab Cyber Range is used to conduct cyber security exercises and simulations, allowing individuals and organizations to practice and test their cyber defenses and incident response capabilities.

CTF Event

Hacking-Lab is running many public and private capture the flag (CTF) events. In a CTF, you will have the opportunity to test your skills in a variety of areas such as web security, penetration testing, forensics and more.


Please visit the Hacking-Lab blog that will explain how to start and work with Hacking-Lab. It will explain reverse shells and more. This is a recommended for everyone interested to work with Hacking-Lab.

Hacking-Lab Cyber Range

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